Guest Speakers Join Classes in April

New faces joined a number of Wayland classes to offer expertise on a number of subjects. On April 3, 2017, a new but familiar face joined Mr. Walters' AP European History class: retired Wayland teacher Bill Baxter H`83. Mr. Baxter, an expert on Russian history and a fluent speaker of Russian, spoke to Mr. Walters' class about Russia's role in the early years of World War I, the ugly fate of Russia's monarchy, and the internal politics during this time of violent transition in Russia. After his time as a teacher at Wayland, Mr. Baxter went on to teach in Europe, Minnesota, and Utah, but has returned to retire in Wisconsin. This was Mr. Baxter's second guest stint in the class this year, and he will return again in the coming months to lecture on Russia in the 20th century as the class marches towards the future.

Ms. Damon prepared her class for their meet-up with author Carrie Toth

In some of Ms. Damon's Spanish classes, students were treated to a video conference with Carrie Toth, an author and teacher in southern Illinois. Toth is the author of Vector, Bianca Nieves y los 7 Toritos, and La Calaca Alegre and co-authored the book La hija del sastre with Carol Gaab. She conversed with Wayland students in both Spanish and English.