Wayland Students Share Advice for Start of New Year

It is often said that experience serves as an exceptional teacher. To help students, especially those new to Wayland, to get off to a quick start this year, we asked several returning students to share their wisdom.

Ken `19 from Beijing shares…

Ken enjoying an ice cream treat after Honors Convocation.

When I first came to Wayland, making new friends was easy for me. I would find topics to engage in conversation with other people: video games, sports, my culture, etc. Making connections with all the new faces I met at Wayland is a good step.

When I first encountered homesickness, I called my parents, talked to my teachers, and had some conversations with some of my best friends. Those conversations provided me comfort. I told myself I had to focus on my studies and other tasks that needed to be handled.

About two weeks prior to the beginning of a new school year, I begin to force myself to adjust my daily schedule, giving myself some academic work to do. My academic work refers to fields that interest me. I might read some books or do some research on a particular topic.

I’d also encourage each student to learn about the dress code and to read your student handbook.

Liz working on a project in the Swan Library.

Liz `20 from Beaver Dam writes…

Adjusting to a new environment can be difficult for anyone. As a freshman, I was intimidated by the large workload that all the tours and information on the website promised. While I felt terrified that I would fall behind, I was also excited to see how far I could push myself.

Managing my time to fit all my new homework wasn’t easy at first. From my middle school, I went from having a half-hour to an hour of homework each night, but when I came to Wayland that doubled, even quadrupled!

Now I’ve probably scared most of you reading this off, but it gets easier. I’ve learned how to manage my time effectively between a heavy course load, sports, and other activities. The first month feels the toughest. You’ll eventually adjust and after that, it becomes easier. 

Look for more insights about the Wayland experience from our students throughout the year.